We are a group of professionals in the structural civil engineering sector, skilled in the development and management of projects with the BIM process.

    We offer integrated design services modelled perfectly on the customer's requests. We give specialist support in the executive planning and "design for manufacturing" phases in any building and infrastructural intervention.

    The advantage of our service is the great knowledge of the production processes and the design adapted to the customer's needs.
    For this reason, we are the reference point for manufacturers for the development in out-sourcing of detailed engineering. We have 14 Tekla Structures licenses.

    Trust LMSTEEL Consulting and you will only have to start building.
    Our engineers will take care of everything, from the initial concept to the construction.

    BIM «Design for Manutacturing» con TEKLA Structures

    We develop complex projects in BIM methodology using the TEKLA STRUCTURES (Trimble) software of which we have 14 active licenses. We have acquired the BIM project management skills. We are qualified as BIM MANAGERS according to the ICMQ certification of Milan in accordance with the specifications of the UNI 11337 standard.

    We develop complex projects up to the "Design for manufacturing" and construction management phase with the "paper saving" objective, keeping the digital models updated up to the as-built.

    We collaborate with companies and professionals pursuing the maximum collaboration and the perspective of data sharing by creating interchange files in .ifc4 version and in-cloud models through the «Trimble Connect» or «Navisworks» manager.

    We are available to builders to create workshop and assembly plans according to their guidelines with the aim of saving machining costs, aligning with CNC machines, progressing activities according to phases of material purchase, machining in the workshop, construction site phases.

    LMSTEEL Consulting Sagl

    Phone +41 (0) 91 6300531

    Legal head office:
    Cantonale str., 11 • 6900 Lugano (TI), Switzerland

    Operating office:
    Ciseri str., 4 • 6828 Balerna (TI), Switzerland

    VAT N° CHE-476.183.337 IVA



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