Lmsteel Swiss Consultant Engineers
Lmsteel Swiss Consultant Engineers

Civil engineering

Executive structural design for steel, wood, and civil engineering works with the development of static, dynamic, seismic, and buckling analysis, according to international standards. Multidisciplinary coordination to respond as a single technical interlocutor to the Client's requests, reducing design development times and minimizing information transfer errors between various subjects in the different design stages. Design development according to BIM process with definition and detail levels valid up to construction, as-built and facility management. Drafting of workshop and assembly plans. Drafting of building practices and building permits, including in renovations of existing buildings.


Stadiums and Arenas

Thanks to the collaboration with general firms and internationally renowned architects, we have gained experience in the executive development of large structures where it is important to integrate structural, static, and dynamic calculation, together with the multidisciplinary design of HVAC systems, mobile scenography structures, support for lighting and installation audio.

Stadiums and Arenas

Cagliari Stadium
Racing Metro 92 Stadium Arena
Expo 2015 OAT (Open Air Theatre)
Viola Park (ACF Training Center)

Bridges and Infrastructures

From the shelter of the railway terminal to the design of metal decks with large spans for motorway traffic, we are involved in the structural design of bridges and viaducts: from the study of the anti-seismic supports to the optimization of the weights in the executive phase. Thanks to a group of experts in the assembly of these works, we provide advice to companies to find the best technical-economic solution in the launch of infrastructures, personally designing temporary towers, launching systems, forearms and handling slides, proposing the optimal configuration positioning of the available Auto-Cranes.

Bridges and Infrastructures

IV05 Railway Overpass - Verona/Padua high-speed rail line
Steel Bridge Lot2 - Arquata Scrivia (AL)

Commercial and Office Building

Executive design of large logistics and management buildings including static and dynamic structural analysis of the load-bearing elements in steel or reinforced concrete, stair towers and pipe racks, calculation report signed by a qualified technician. We develop the load-bearing structures and the building envelope according to a BIM process with definition of the panels, tinsmiths, and water disposal system from the roof. In this way we guarantee to the client the exact calculation of the quantities and waste of material, which on large dimensions allows for control and savings of material purchased. Structural analysis to find local intervention solutions for cutting panels and positioning AHU machinery, fans, lighting bodies and lifeline systems, even on existing tiles, with solutions to be engineered according to the needs of the assembly teams.

Commercial and Office Building

New Hangar X - Milano Linate Airport
Lagune Bay – Sint Maarten

Industrial installations

Executive design of industrial plants for new lines or expansion of existing lines, multi-storey buildings, and pipe racks in the steel sector for integral or electric steel mills, energy production plants for thermoelectric plants, cogeneration and trigeneration, petrochemical plants, OIL 'Gas, and waste treatment. Based on the project specifications and the documentation provided by the central technical office, we define the layout of the new machinery in addition or replacement to the existing ones, evaluating which parts to maintain or modify to allow the achievement of the expected performances. We develop the project according to BIM process. Therefore, the parts of the existing plant can be detected by laser-scanner with point cloud return. This will make it easier to check for interference with moving machinery and equipment. We can develop the design of piping lines according to the flow diagram (P`ID) of the instrumental part with the assignment of specific equipment tags, identification of components by means of identification code and nominal diameters and isometric drawings. In addition to the design of the load-bearing structures, we define the access routes, stairs, landing, and maintenance walkways with the definition of the geometries required by the regulations on hygiene and safety materials for work at height.

Industrial installations

Expansion of the Fassa Bortolo Group cement plant
Vilfer Office Building
Kazatchiya Compression Station
Hangars P655 P407 Sigonella
Waste-to-energy plant
Roissy airport terminal expansion

Power lines and telecommunications

We are active in the energy transport sector by developing the detailed construction design of the pole and related civil works starting from the preliminary design of the high-voltage line. We perform BIM Modelling - LOD F / G through Tekla Structures according to the UNI 11337-4: 2017 standard both parts.

Power lines and telecommunications

Pylons and poles for telecommunications, lighting, video surveillance, wind power
380 kV Stade line power line

BIM «Design for Manutacturing» con TEKLA Structures

We develop complex projects in BIM methodology using the TEKLA STRUCTURES (Trimble) software of which we have 14 active licenses. We have acquired the BIM project management skills. We are qualified as BIM MANAGERS according to the ICMQ certification of Milan in accordance with the specifications of the UNI 11337 standard.

We develop complex projects up to the "Design for manufacturing" and construction management phase with the "paper saving" objective, keeping the digital models updated up to the as-built.

We collaborate with companies and professionals pursuing the maximum collaboration and the perspective of data sharing by creating interchange files in .ifc4 version and in-cloud models through the «Trimble Connect» or «Navisworks» manager.

We are available to builders to create workshop and assembly plans according to their guidelines with the aim of saving machining costs, aligning with CNC machines, progressing activities according to phases of material purchase, machining in the workshop, construction site phases.

LMSTEEL Consulting Sagl

Phone +41 (0) 91 6300531

Legal head office:
Cantonale str., 11 • 6900 Lugano (TI), Switzerland

Operating office:
Ciseri str., 4 • 6828 Balerna (TI), Switzerland

VAT N° CHE-476.183.337 IVA



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