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Technical Consulting & BIM service

Specific engineering services on request, video animation development for assembly sequences, BIM Specialist personal loan in out-sourcing and expediting for construction process control.

BIM 3D 4D 5D

The natural consequence of the experience gained in the development of BIM processes was the achievement of the BIM Manager certification according to the UNI EN 11337 standard by Mr. Corsi, partner of LMSteel Consulging sagl. The license was issued by ICMQ in 2018. This formal step was nothing more than the formalization of concepts and knowledge gained in recent years on international projects, especially on the French market where the Building Information Modelling methodology is implemented by large General Contractors such as Vinci Construction France and with whom we had the responsibility of collaborating. Our skills allow us to manage information in digitized construction processes, to draw up the BEP (BIM Execution Plan) also known as PGI (information management plan) with the aim of defining the information flows in the digitized construction project. The consultancy services offered include an initial mapping or integration of existing processes, a definition of the necessary tools in terms of hardware and software, a definition of the necessary BIM Specialist and BIM Coordinator figures, and project coordination (BIM Management) among the stakeholders of the disciplines involved, with supervision of the order and control and resolution of interference in the federated model. We can assist Clients and General Contractors up to the final phase of Facility Management and as-built drafting. The process can be managed both for software on Autodesk platform (Advance Steel / Navis Works / BIM 360) or Trimble matrix (Tekla Structures / Trimble Connect).

BIM 3D 4D 5D

Preliminary and feasibility studies

The consultancy service begins in the concept phase by evaluating the characteristics, costs, and possible results of the project based on a preliminary rough idea. An elaborate will be presented with conceptual sketches and elevations or alternatively an Architectural 3D model with renders designed to present the project idea. A report will demonstrate the technical, economic, legal, and operational feasibility. In particular, the costs / benefits of the project, any conflicts with legal requirements, and the time planning of the intervention based on the financial plan will be presented. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Studi preliminari e di fattibilità

Rendering and animations with simulation of laying sequences

We assist clients and general contractors in digitizing an idea. We have learned the importance of not leaving any phase of the design unexplored, whether it is the maintenance of a pulvinus, the removal of a temporary pile, or the lifting of a slab of the deck. For this reason, it is important to define in the digital model the time sequence of construction and installation, highlighting all the auxiliary operating tools that will intervene in the history of the project. To make our communication effective, starting from the 3D BIM model, we animate the structure by combining precision and graphic quality and returning to the Clients a video in .avi / .mp4 format valid for evaluating the goodness of the design choices, even in the tender phase of the procurement.

Rendering ed animazioni con simulazione sequenze di posa

Supervision and assistance in construction and assembly

The construction and assembly assistance and supervision services ensure that your project is configured correctly without construction and installation errors. Thanks to the many years of experience of our technicians involved in the supply and commissioning of large structures, we can provide technical personnel on site and expediting to perform the rigorous dimensional checks and technical project specifications. We provide out-sourcing technical personnel in case a constant evaluation of the BIM model is required at your offices. We give our best contribution so that the work is completed safely and on time.

Supervisione ed assistenza alla costruzione e al montaggio

Specialist advice

For any request for advice, please contact us by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 0041 091 630 0531 and we will respond within 24 hours to organize a coordination meeting and advise you on the best way to do together.

Consulenza specialistica

BIM «Design for Manutacturing» con TEKLA Structures

We develop complex projects in BIM methodology using the TEKLA STRUCTURES (Trimble) software of which we have 14 active licenses. We have acquired the BIM project management skills. We are qualified as BIM MANAGERS according to the ICMQ certification of Milan in accordance with the specifications of the UNI 11337 standard.

We develop complex projects up to the "Design for manufacturing" and construction management phase with the "paper saving" objective, keeping the digital models updated up to the as-built.

We collaborate with companies and professionals pursuing the maximum collaboration and the perspective of data sharing by creating interchange files in .ifc4 version and in-cloud models through the «Trimble Connect» or «Navisworks» manager.

We are available to builders to create workshop and assembly plans according to their guidelines with the aim of saving machining costs, aligning with CNC machines, progressing activities according to phases of material purchase, machining in the workshop, construction site phases.

LMSTEEL Consulting Sagl

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